The Juggernaut, 3d robot

Hi guys, i had the pleasure to show you one of my latest works, a steam-mech called The Juggernaut. I like the idea of creating a combat robot that had an old-war style. I also make a 3d print with joints, that can performe some movements and poses.

The robot is modeled in Autodesk Maya, It is divided into several parts. I use also Zbrush for the joints and print it with a Creality Ender3. Textuting with Substance painter and rendered in Arnold render.

I will add other robots in the future to expand the lore of a war between nations with their own robots called “steams” each with particular skills.

For the full images and breakdown process take a look of my project on Artstation. My Artstation Page

Sculpting and Painting a Daemonette for 3d printing

Hello guys,
I’ve worked on this model of Daemonette in my free time, sculpted and polypainted in zbrush. The model is also tested for 3d printing with an Ender3, sliced in 3 different parts (lower,upper bust and head with horns)  and printed at 0.08 layer height, it’s 10 cm high.

More images at My Artstation Page


Sculpting and printing a Sphynx Head

Hi guys, making a Sphynx head in zbrush!

It’s a personal project that I’ve been working in my spare time for 3d  Printing purpose. It is a Sphynx head upgrade from my first Sphynx project  

It’s printed with a Creality Ender3, and it’s one of my first 3d print test. I also test some silicon mold and resin cast for produce some copies.

I also wanted to take a couple images for illustration and i decided to paint this model in Substance Painter and take some render shots in Maya with Arnold Render.

More images at My Artstation Page